Low Laser Light Therapy Specialist

Keith R. Durante, MD, FACS

Board Certified Micro Surgeon located in West Islip, NY & Upper East Side, New York, NY

If you’ve tried topical creams and other hair loss treatments without success, CapillusⓇ low-level laser therapy may be your answer. At his Long Island practice in West Islip, New York, and at his practice in Manhattan, New York, Dr. Keith Durante offers the noninvasive Capillus hair restoration treatment in his office and makes the system available to you for at-home treatments. To learn more about the benefits of the Capillus hair restoration system, schedule a consultation by phone today.

Low Laser Light Therapy

How does low-level laser therapy encourage hair growth?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an effective treatment for natural hair restoration. The laser treatment increases cell metabolism and improves blood vessel health in your scalp, resulting in thicker, healthier hair shafts. The laser therapy is also effective at stimulating oil glands in your scalp, producing silky, shiny hair.

Dr. Durante recommends anyone who gets a hair transplant procedure follow it up with low-level laser therapy to maintain their healthy hair growth. He uses the Capillus, a portable laser system, for in-office treatments. Dr. Durante is also an authorized dealer of the CapillusPro laser cap system for home-use hair treatments.

What can I expect during laser therapy treatments?

The Capillus system uses safe, low-level lasers that reenergize your hair follicles to encourage new hair growth. The Capillus system uses a full-coverage cap that contains diode lasers. This cap is easy to hide inside a baseball cap or other head covering for safe, painless treatment.

The Capillus system uses cool laser light, so you don’t feel any heat or discomfort during your treatment, and the lasers won’t damage the surrounding skin.

Dr. Durante may recommend low-light therapy treatments as the primary course of action to restore your hair, or you may use it along with other treatments such as medications and topical creams.

Am I a good candidate for low-level laser therapy?

Dr. Durante can review the health of your scalp and scope of your hair loss to determine if laser therapy is right for you.

The system is effective in treating both men and women who are in good overall health and want to preserve their existing hair and promote the growth of new hair.

What are the benefits of Capillus treatments?

The Capillus low-laser laser therapy treatments are convenient and easy to use. You can wear the laser cap during in-office treatments or while watching television and relaxing in your own home. It covers your entire scalp, ensuring comprehensive treatment for your entire head, and the cap is portable and can travel with you for on-the-go therapy.

Other benefits of this treatment include:

  • No side effects
  • Fast treatment times
  • Noninvasive and painless

To find out if low-level laser therapy hair restoration is right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Durante by calling the office directly.