Hair Transplant Specialist

Keith R. Durante, MD, FACS

Board Certified Micro Surgeon located in West Islip, NY & Upper East Side, New York, NY

If you’re dissatisfied with your appearance due to excessive hair loss, you may be a good candidate for a hair transplant to restore healthy hair growth. At his Long Island practice in West Islip, New York and his practice in Manhattan, New York, Dr. Keith Durante offers the innovative NeoGraft® hair transplant system to give you natural-looking results without the risks of surgery. To learn more about the benefits of this minimally invasive hair transplant system, schedule a consultation by phone today.

Hair Transplant

How does NeoGraft work?

Dr. Durante performs hair transplant procedures using the NeoGraft automated system. NeoGraft is used for a procedure known as a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant and is suitable for both men and women who are suffering from excessive hair loss.

This technology is a minimally invasive method that allows Dr. Durante to harvest individual healthy hair follicles from other areas of your body without incisions. He extracts hair from the back of your head, an area known as your donor's hair.

Dr. Durante extracts the hair and then creates a site in the treatment area to graft the hair on to, ensuring the correct angles and orientation for natural-looking hair.

What kind of results can I expect with NeoGraft?

Dr. Durante is an expert in hair transplantation using the NeoGraft system. He discusses your expectations during your consultation to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

Once the grafted hair is in place, it remains there for two to three weeks before it naturally sheds. Once this shedding occurs, new hair growth should start within three to four months, after which your hair continues to grow naturally.

If your hair is naturally long, you won’t have to shave it off. As long as the donor's hair is long enough, Dr. Durante can harvest the follicles by shaving only small areas of your scalp, which you can cover with your existing hair.

If you already have short hair, you receive maximum benefit from the procedure if Dr. Durante does a close shave.

How long do the results of NeoGraft last?

After a hair transplant, hair loss doesn’t stop. In some cases, you may need maintenance procedures to help improve healthy hair growth, especially if your hair loss is the result of age-related balding.

Dr. Durante discusses what type of maintenance plan you need to ensure a full, healthy head of hair.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft hair transplants?

Dr. Durante is highly skilled in the NeoGraft technology and ensures your hair growth looks as natural as possible. You won’t have to worry about invasive incisions or a long period of recovery following the procedure.

NeoGraft technology provides you with more accurate treatment in a faster time than traditional hair transplant procedures. Dr. Durante can also use the NeoGraft system to restore thinning eyelashes and brows.

To learn more about the benefits of NeoGraft, schedule an appointment by phone with Dr. Durante today.